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Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson

Buy Cardboard Tubes Online

The round or square hard paper tubes can be used universally: as advertising columns, as playground equipment as they contain no harmful substances, for furniture construction, for decorations, in interior fittings, as shipping and storage tubes ...

buy cardboard tubes online

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Processing: Hard paper can be processed like hard fibre: it can be sawn with a foxtail, a circular saw or a jigsaw and drilled with a wood drill. Lids for the pipes can be made from hard fibre, grey cardboard or cardboard honeycomb board. Wood glue or TESA ALLESKLEBER are suitable for gluing the hard paper tubes.

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As the leading cardboard tube manufacturer in the UK, we create and supply our postal packaging tubes to clients based all throughout the UK. We supply a different range of A & B sized postal tubes, and we manufacture bespoke cardboard tubes where you can have any size postal tube with a custom design.

We have many cardboard postal tubes fit for different purposes. This includes construction tubes, industrial tubes and mortar tubes. To buy cardboard postal tubes online, visit our postal tube shop now.

It is incredibly important to us that these cardboard mailing tubes are obtained ethically because we know how popular packing tubes are in the world and to mass-produce cylindrical cardboard tubes without ensuring it is sustainable would just be irresponsible, which is not who we are.

The next most common use that people use postal tubes for is arts & crafts. Because of their size and shape, they can easily be cut into various sizes to be used as different components for art and display purposes. Since we offer different sizes, the possibilities are endless when looking to use our postal tubes for art purposes.

Another simple use for our postal tubes is the holding of valuable items. Whether this is small pieces of jewellery such as a watch or earrings, or even your money savings. Whatever the valuable, our postal tubes are great at storing items that nobody would ever think of looking in.

We provide a variety of postal cardboard tubes in various sizes for all manner of businesses and needs, all of which come with cardboard tube end caps. As a bonus, we have no minimum order amount; if all you need is one tube, we can supply just the one with ease.

You have the choice to order wholesale postal tubes, which are a popular choice among our clients. They are very suitable for any customer with the need for a lot of products, we can even customise the dimensions for the particular product.

Along with this level of customisation, we offer 20 different plug end sizes, allowing you to seal your postal cardboard tubes with just the right cap for your needs, such as the anti-roll plug. With the ends squared off, this prevents the tube from rolling. Without the rolling, the cardboard piling tubes become much more comfortable to organise and if being delivered via conveyor sorting even allows the tube to be classified in a cheaper pricing category, potentially saving your business a lot of money over the short and long term.

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