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Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson

[S1E5] Chapter Five

As we hit episode five of this initial run, it's becoming clear that in some ways, Legion is behaving more like a traditional superhero show (or movie), but one split into chunks, as though it's had an encounter with the main character's powerful mind. We've had the expository build-up, and now comes the action-packed race to the conclusion. But don't think we mean that in a negative way: the series continues to impress in a myriad of ways. Just consider all the different styles, applied to the siege on the Division 3 base... It takes real confidence to stage action beats this way, and proves that the creative team (Tim Mielants is director here, with Peter Calloway providing the script) have a clear vision and truly want to make something out of the ordinary.

[S1E5] Chapter Five

The pair will likely find out that their journey is far from over, as more infected and more people trying to kill them and take what they have will be waiting for them in the world out there. As they continue to realize this, the show will set up the final chapters of the first season. And, if you think the people in episode 4 were bad, wait until you meet the next group of people.

There are some lovely comedic touches, from Mando claiming religious exemption for his weapons on a commercial flight to the quippy return of Amy Sedaris as Mos Eisley mechanic and \u201clocal gal\u201d Peli Motto. It\u2019s a funny reunion and fits into the series\u2019 theme of fixing up a classic; Boba has his Bacta Tank while Mando and Peli have this Naboo starfighter to make anew. But given the already slow pacing of the series these scenes play out for far too long. It might be a nice bit of nostalgia for fans of the prequel trilogy and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, especially when Din utters the phrase \u201cwizard\u201d, but, friendly reminder, this is a Boba Fett series. Only having Fennec Shand showing up for the final minute and Boba not at all means this episode serves more as a set up for The Mandalorian season three than progressing the plot of the current series. Maybe I\u2019m just impatient, but given there are only seven chapters of The Book of Boba Fett, dedicating an entire episode to Mando seems rather indulgent.\u00a0 041b061a72


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