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John Jackson
John Jackson

Who Buys Art

Going to the auction, Luke buys the first piece of art, a simple painting by Daniel "Portrait of Ruth". He and Sophia reconcile with a kiss after he tells her he will not ride anymore because what he really wants is to be with her for the rest of his life. The auctioneer then reveals Ira's clause in the auction rules was: whoever buys Daniel's portrait will receive the entire collection, worth almost $200 million, as it is the piece of art that meant the most to him.

who buys art

4. Stored valueArt is an excellent way for investors to diversify their funds and collectors looking to store value. Granted, art can be risky if one buys without a proper advisory.Art valuations happen pretty differently from the stock markets. Art has proven to hedge greatly against depressions and crashes. During the second world war and most recently in countries prone to experience devaluation of their currencies, collectors who invested in art before and during those times have come out on the other side with more profits than anticipated. 041b061a72


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