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Matthew Filicia
Matthew Filicia

Experience the Timeless Story of FINAL FANTASY IV in a New Way with Pixel Remaster APK

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster: A Classic RPG Reimagined for Modern Devices

If you are a fan of role-playing games (RPGs), you have probably heard of Final Fantasy, one of the most popular and influential franchises in the genre. And if you are a fan of Final Fantasy, you have probably heard of Final Fantasy IV, one of the best entries in the series and a masterpiece of storytelling and gameplay.

But did you know that you can now play Final Fantasy IV on your mobile device with completely new graphics and audio as a 2D pixel remaster? That's right, Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is here, and it's a great way to experience this classic RPG in a new light.

final fantasy iv pixel remaster apk

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What is Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster?

A remodeled 2D take on the fourth game in the world-renowned Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is a remastered version of the original Final Fantasy IV game that was released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game has been redesigned with 2D pixel graphics that are faithful to the retro style of the original, but with more details and colors. The game also features a beautifully rearranged soundtrack that preserves the original composer Nobuo Uematsu's vision, but with enhanced sound quality and instruments.

A timeless story of redemption, betrayal, love, and adventure

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster follows the story of Cecil, a dark knight who serves as the captain of the Red Wings, an elite airship fleet of the kingdom of Baron. Cecil is ordered by his king to attack innocent people and steal their elemental crystals, which are sources of power and balance in the world. Cecil begins to question his loyalty and morality, and decides to rebel against his king with his trusted friend Kain, a dragoon, and his lover Rosa, a white mage.

Cecil's journey takes him across various lands, underground caves, mystical realms, and even to the moon. Along the way, he meets many allies who join his cause, such as Rydia, a young summoner who can call forth powerful creatures; Yang, a monk who protects his homeland; Edward, a bard who uses music to heal his broken heart; and Cid, an engineer who builds and repairs airships. Cecil also faces many enemies who seek to use the crystals for evil purposes, such as Golbez, a mysterious man who commands the Red Wings; the Four Fiends, elemental lords who guard the crystals; and Zemus, a lunarian who wants to destroy the world.

A dynamic Active Time Battle system that adds excitement and strategy to combat

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster uses the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which was first introduced in the original Final Fantasy IV game. The ATB system is a hybrid of turn-based and real-time combat, where each character has a gauge that fills up over time. When the gauge is full, the character can perform an action, such as attacking, casting a spell, using an item, or changing their position. The enemies also have their own gauges and can act accordingly. This means that the player has to think fast and plan ahead, as the battle does not pause when selecting commands.