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John Jackson
John Jackson

Wifisky 1000mw Driver ((NEW)) Download

Belkin may change this Agreement. We will post the revised version on our website. So, you should always read the end user license agreement of your new version. After downloading the product, you can read the license agreement at the footer of any menu or at your local Belkin Customer Support office.

Wifisky 1000mw Driver Download

In the case that we send you a new version of your Software, your Device will not automatically upgrade itself. In such a case, you will need to download and install the updated Software, which will replace or supplement the original firmware and/or Software. You will find the URL and the download link to the new Software within the end user license agreement.

This Software contains firmware for communication with the Device. This Software also contains firmware that is not downloadable from a public website. If the Software includes firmware, then the installation and use of such Firmware requires that the end-user agree to the terms and conditions of that Software. If the Software includes firmware that is not downloadable from a public website, such as firmware that is also available from the Device manufacturer or other third parties, then the end-user agrees to use the Software in accordance with any terms and conditions provided by such third parties.

If you are using the Software and you decide that you do not want to continue to use the Software, you must first uninstall the Software from your personal computer, tablet or mobile device. Please be aware that this may require you to delete all copies of the Software you have installed on your personal computer or device prior to uninstalling the Software. You can then install the most recent version of the Software from the website (or download a backup copy from the website). Uninstallation of the Software is not permitted except under the conditions of the license to which this Agreement is a part; therefore it is your sole responsibility to uninstall the Software from the device. As a warranty measure, Belkin may, at its sole discretion, issue a return authorization that allows you to return the Software to Belkin.


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