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John Jackson
John Jackson

Amadeus Soundtrack Requiem In D Minor [HOT]

Some musicologists believe that the Introitus was inspired by Handel's Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline, HWV 264. Another influence was Michael Haydn's Requiem in C minor; Mozart and his father were viola and violin players respectively at its first three performances in January 1772. Some have noted that Michael Haydn's Introitus sounds rather similar to Mozart's, and the theme for Mozart's "Quam olim Abrahae" fugue is a direct quote of the fugue theme from Haydn's Offertorium and Versus from his aforementioned requiem. In Introitus m. 21, the soprano sings "Te decet hymnus Deus in Zion". It is quoting the Lutheran hymn "Meine Seele erhebt den Herren". The melody is used by many composers e.g. in Bach's cantata Meine Seel erhebt den Herren, BWV 10 but also in Michael Haydn's Requiem.[22]

Amadeus Soundtrack Requiem In D Minor

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Requiem, K. 626, D minor. Vocal score. [Mozart's celebrated requiem. Being the last work of that great composer.] London: Printed by Monzani, [1807?].Merritt Room Mus 745.1.552.9.

Besides being a universal masterpiece, the Requiem in D minor holds a prominent position in music history. On the one hand, it directly influenced the development of the Viennese requiem, an autonomous genre with traits peculiar to the Austrian capital (Taylor, 2019). On the other hand, the dramatic tensions interfering with the vocal-polyphonic represents a groundbreaking approach to different musical genres. The rich chromaticity and dynamics contrasting with the solemnity of the central theme of the Requiem suggest new perspectives that paved the road for Romanticism (Hudea, 2018). The Tuba Mirum and Lacrymosa sections are eloquent examples of dramatic, inspirational moments. Here, the theatrical aspects are merged with the sacrality of death (France Musique). The orchestration, the soloist voices, and the mighty choir partiture contribute to making the Requiem a poignant and profound musical masterpiece. 041b061a72


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