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He acted in 205 movies in lead roles.[44] He owned a production company called Sri Vajreshwari Combines under the banner Dakshayani Combines. Bhagyada Bagilu was his 100th film,[45] Devatha Manushya was his 200th film and Shabdavedhi was his last film.[46]

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His historical movies such as Ranadheera Kanteerava, Immadi Pulikeshi, Sri Krishnadevaraya and Mayura presented a populist version of Karnataka's history, focusing on the Karnataka kingdoms such as Mysore royalty, The Chalukyas, The Vijayanagara Empire and The Kadambas respectively[48] - thereby making him the only Indian actor to have portrayed the role of four prominent kings of Indian history - Kanthirava Narasaraja I, Pulakeshin II, Krishnadevaraya and Mayurasharma. He also appeared as Bijjala II in Jagajyothi Basveshwara and as Raja Mallasarja in Kittur Chennamma.

His movies were also noted to include drama sequences where he performs various mythological, historical or literary characters such as Romeo and Babruvahana in Amma (1968), Gautama Buddha in Uyyale (1969), Echchamanayaka in Bhale Jodi (1970) [55] and as Bhima in Havina Hede(1981).

He has acted in around 50 movies based on novels, plays and short stories,[56] which is the highest for any actor in India. He made movies from Kannada novels and made movies against perceived social evils in movies like Jeevana Chaitra (on evils of drinking) and Shabdavedhi (on drug abuse).[57]

Between 1954 to 1969, Kannada film industry produced 207 movies within a span of 15 years and Rajkumar starred in 100 of those.[58] While the early 60s saw him appearing in fantasy genre movies such as Rani Honnamma (1960), Aasha Sundari (1960), Devasundari (1962), Bala Nagamma(1966) and Devara Gedda Manava(1967), he was also noted for doing swashbuckler films such as Vidhivilasa (1962), Veera Kesari (1963), Katari Veera (1966), Madhu Malathi (1966), Simha Swapna (1968), Jaga Mecchida Maga (1972), Bahaddur Gandu (1976) and Huliya Haalina Mevu (1979) at regular intervals in the 1960s and the 1970s.

When Rajkumar appeared as CID 999 in Jedara Bale, he became the first Indian actor to enact a spy role modelled on James Bond in a full-fledged manner [59] and was called the James Bond of India.[60] The success of this movie led to three sequels: Goa Dalli CID 999, Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999 and Operation Diamond Racket.[61][62][63] The CID 999 Franchise was the first Indian movie franchise to have four installments and CID 999 was the first character based trilogy in India.[64][60][65]

He acted with heroines of southern cinema[66] such as Jayanti (38 films),[67][68] Pandaribai (18 films), Leelavathi (28 films), Bharati (26 films),[69] Kalpana (19 films), Aarathi (13 films), B. Saroja Devi (12 films), Rajasree (10 films), Harini (11 films), Krishna Kumari (8 films), Madhavi (7 films), Manjula (7 films), Jayamala (6 films), Lakshmi (5 films), Geetha (5 films), Saritha (5 films) and Jaya Prada (4 films).[70] Actress Rekha made her debut in a lead role with his movie Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999.[71] Sri Lankan based actress Sabeetha Perera also made her Indian movie debut with his film Goa Dalli CID 999.[72] Chi. Udaya Shankar has written dialogues and songs for 85 of his movies. G. K. Venkatesh has scored music for over 50 of his movies. He also has the distinction of having worked with more than 75 directors.[73]

His movie Operation Diamond Racket was shot in Nepal and became the first Kannada movie to be shot outside India. His movie Ondu Muttina Kathe was reported to be the first ever Indian film to have an underwater action sequence shot in an ocean[74] outside India[75] without the help of oxygen mask.[76]

Rajkumar's 1971 movie Kasturi Nivasa was colorized and released in 2014. Even close to a decade after his death, the movie garnered a grand opening with the actor's life-size cutout being immersed in milk. The colorized release also performed well at the box office over taking other Kannada movies released at the time.[77] His 35 movies have been remade 58 times in nine languages by 34 actors.[78]

Rajkumar trained in classical music when he was with Gubbi Veeranna's theatre troupe.[79] The track "Om Namaha Shivaya" from the 1956 film Ohileshwara, which he also starred in, was his first song for a film. He subsequently sang "Thumbithu Manava", a duet with S. Janaki, for the movie Mahishasura Mardini (1959). However, he became a full-fledged singer only in 1974 when he sang in place of P. B. Sreenivas for Sampathige Savaal,[80] who had till then sung for most songs picturised on Rajkumar, fell ill. Rajkumar sang the energetic "Yaare Koogadali" for the film which became widely popular during the time and is considered one of his best songs.[81]

During his career, Rajkumar sang and performed for songs about Kannadigas, the Kannada language and culture, such as "Jenina Holeyo" from Chalisuva Modagalu, "Maanavanagi Huttidmele" from Jeevana Chaitra and "Huttidare Kannada" from the film Aakasmika. He sang a complete English song called "If You Come Today" ("Tick Tick Tick") in the movie Operation Diamond Racket in 1978. This song became an internet meme in India following Rajkumar's demise in 2006.[65]

He was also praised for his ability to integrate the virtues of an actor with the power of a superstar without letting one erase the other by acting as a gulf between the mainstream popular movies and the artistic cinemas.[112] It was also noted that it was his subtle acting prowess, spontaneous style and his flair to give the reel characters a real credibility which singled him out to the t