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John Jackson
John Jackson

Best Buy Ooma Coupon

I bought an ooma core 18 months ago. I researched it, and it seemed like the majority of issues people were having were actually due to their slow connections rather than ooma. With my 15-20 Mbps down/3-5 up connection, it sounds and works just like Vonage did, which sounded and worked just like my land line did.

best buy ooma coupon

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If you are dropping your land line and you have a cell phone that works; why would you get an ooma? what are the benefits that ooma offers vs just not having a land line? I am having a hard time justifying my land line we hardly ever use it, so why replace it with anything? Is there an advantage to the land line that I am not thinking of?

Yes you can connect an answering machine, standard phone, cordless phone or all together with a standard telephone splitter. If you have physically disconnected your old home phone line from the external world (at the junction box) you can connect ooma to the house phone wiring and can plug phones (or answering machine, FAX, etc.) into each of those outlets. The instructions that came with the original ooma were not at all clear on this hook-up, but it is really very straightforward.

i just fax regular, without using the *99 and never had a problem. you can also access your vm through your email or online. The computer does not need to be on, in fact now you can use ooma wirelessly with their wifi adapter and put in anywhere you can get wireless in your home, no need to plug it into anything but the wall and phone.

Does anyone have a workaround for using ooma with an alarm service, I am sure there is a way, I believe I read it in a forum, but my alarm company insists on landline, but I am not paying $25 a month for a landline to use an alarm service paid by HOA.

Ooma Premium may be a fax solution. the second # may be the thing that might handle fax. i am assuming that you have one phone # ported over to Ooma but that the fax is done with a double ring for the same #. You could re-route that to a virtual number that could deliver the fax. Fax settings are different resulting in poor voice quality. Ooma tech support is best contacted to see if this will work.

I was looking at this system so i would be able to send and receive faxes from home. I was told by ooma that this can be accomplished by using a splitter. Does anyone have experience with using ooma this way? Wondering how well it works and if affects call quality.

I use it like this with a splitter for the fax and have had no problems with call quality. It works perfectly. I have been using ooma for over 2 years and never had a problem. It has some great features and cannot beat the price. Hope this helps.

I have used Ooma and prepaid wireless now and have seen tremendous savings too. In fact, it was actually cheaper to pay a contract disconnection fee than continue with my then wireless provider. I use tracfone as it seems to give the best bang for the buck but I am sure other preaids can give a great deal too. I refuse to again be stuck in any type of contract for services where the provider is the only one who gains. With TV I have cut the satellite/cable as well and pay $19.99 for an assortment of cable networks from the internet through my ROKU box in the television. All in all, my internet phone, TV bill is $62/month. Not too bad.

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