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Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson

Malwarebytes Pro Lifetime 3 Pc

We will continue to honor existing lifetime licenses, meaning any users that already have a lifetime license for 1.x will continue to have a lifetime license for 2.x. We'll be offering a few thousand more lifetime licenses during launch as well. On top of all of that, new subscription licenses will be valid for 3 PCs, not just 1.

malwarebytes pro lifetime 3 pc

The licensing system has been overhauled recently and the former grace that was built into licenses is no longer present which explains why lifetime licenses are now limited to a single device. It is true that all lifetime keys were valid for only 1 device at a time from the beginning, however the old system had a built in allowance for up to 3 installations/uses before the system would invalidate the key because users could not deactivate devices they no longer had access to (such as systems where the drive has failed or where they no longer own the systems); now that the new system has been implemented which tracks licenses and subscriptions more accurately and allows users to deactivate their own licenses/devices via, that 3 device allowance has been removed. In the past when you would contact Support for them to reset your license, this is all they did; essentially the same thing you can now do with the Deactivate all function in the My Account portal at, however because that 3 activation allowance has been removed and lifetime licenses are restricted to their original single device, resetting the license key only restores functionality for activating a single device. This unfortunately means that anyone relying on using a single lifetime license for multiple devices simultaneously is going to run into this issue.

With that said, it is interesting that one of the links in that forum post you linked to actually mentions a $35 3 device lifetime license. I have never seen that before and back then I'm very certain they didn't have any multi-seat licenses for individual license keys for any of their consumer offerings (obviously they did for their business products, but it wasn't sold that way and didn't have lifetime licenses as it was always a yearly subscription). I'm guessing that perhaps what they were offering was a discount for 3 lifetime keys as that's the only way the system would allow it without eventually blacklisting it.

I had the same problem. Got a deal through Cleverbridge for a lifetime license for 3 pcs for $24.95 Jan 2013. Was able to download and run on 3 computers using the same ID and Key to install. During the last week when I did an update I ended up with 2 computers with the trial and 1 with the Premium with lifetime license. The invoice did not state 3 pcs or Lifetime license but obviously I was able to have it on 3 computer for 6 years. I have a ticket into support.

Once that's done, assuming you see your lifetime license key there you can then deactivate/reset your license key/available device(s) manually or using the Deactivate all function as shown in this support article.

If you had a license for 3 computers it would have said you purchased a quantity of 3 and they would have sent you 3 different licenses. We have never sold lifetime licenses that covered more than 1 PC per license. Every lifetime license only covered 1 PC.

Yes, we did. For SUBSCRIPTIONS not for the Lifetime license. At the time you could only but 1 license that was good for 1 PC. When we switched to the yearly subscription model you could buy a single license that covered up to 3 computers. That was a yearly subscription and had nothing to do with modifying the license for the lifetime one.

Yes before it was easy that a key did allow for 3 installs with the same license. MWB did now recently remove this feature because scammers sold a lifetime key 3 times. It is because of this abuse that now many customers have problems mostly.

Oh and I wish Malwarebytes would offer an option to upgrade our lifetime single machine licenses and add on for additional machines a small one time amount. Good way for them to get a little extra money from the lifetime people because we know those people will never buy a subscription (hence why they had the lifetime).

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Version 1.0 Pro licenses are being grandfathered in and are still being honored as lifetime licenses. To help with the transition, Malwarebytes is offering 5000 licenses on a first-come, first-served basis at


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