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Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson

Op-art Socks : Creative Effects In Sock Knitting

This is such an amazing idea to gift these types of amazing socks. these types of gifts provide true happiness to a person whom we will gift these socks. can you provide 8 to 10 pairs of socks in gift box because I want to give these types of socks to my girlfriend on her birthday.

Op-art socks : creative effects in sock knitting

Wear two layers of socks. A thin (synthetic) under layer, and a thicker (woolen) outer layer. This will help wick moister (bad!) away from your feet and help prevent rubbing (bad!) between your foot and your socks/shoes. Keeping feet in good condition is extremely important for an army because their soldiers tend to do a lot of walking around in poor conditions and this advice is, IIRC, the product of a study on the subject. 041b061a72


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