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Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson

Run Cow Run Apk Mod Unlock All

Suppose Subway Surfers fans wish to also mod their game so that they unlock every mobile game character and board mount available. In that case, players must return to the "profile" folder mentioned above and search for the two files named "characters_inventory.json" and "boards_inventory.json." Next, copy and paste the text from these Pastebin links into the correlating files:

Run Cow Run Apk Mod Unlock All

Download Zip:

Secrets are a group of 19 Easter eggs in Tiny Rails which the player can activate under the correct circumstances. They result in various animations and/or sound effects, and some are easier to obtain than others. Each Secret, upon completion, will be unlocked in the Secrets menu and reward the player with 5 . Many Secrets will trigger their animations/effects every time the player triggers them, but will not unlock again or give the player any rewards .Several Secrets have been deactivated since their inception, most likely because they were too easy to unlock.

1. Air Drop - When traveling, click/tap on an airplane. It will drop a small package held up by a small white parachute. Click/tap on the package or the parachute as they fall, and the parachute will pop, causing the package to fall to the ground. At this point, you will unlock the secret. The package also gives you two* random pieces of cargo that will be added to either the cargo on the train or your depot (only if you have not unlocked that piece of cargo yet).

2. Ali's Smokes - First, make sure you are using a steam engine, and that smoke is being emitted. For Mobile users, put two fingers on the screen to the left and right of the chimney, with the chimney in the center. You'll see the smoke trying to avoid the spot right in the middle of your two fingers. Make multiple circular movements to unlock the secret. For PC users, hold Right Click and circle the smoke stack. Upon unlocking it, the smoke will change color to one of 14 different hues. The smoke will continue to be this particular color until the Secret is performed again, upon which it will be changed to the next color in the cycle. (See ).

3. Blast From The Past - Equip the Arcade car and click/tap on it several times. A loud sound effect resembling the audio from retro video games will play. If the player taps the car more times than necessary to unlock the Secret, the sound effect will repeat and stack over itself.

5. Cracked - Click/tap the glass of the gumball machine multiple times until it breaks. This doesn't affect the functionality of the machine at all, and each time the Secret is unlocked, a different cracking texture appears.

6. Do A Barrel Roll - Click/tap on a biplane as it flies across the screen. It will, as the Secret's name suggests, perform a barrel roll. Contrary to popular belief, biplanes will appear after the completion of the Tutorial, and this Secret can be unlocked with any biplane.

8. emarF ynihS PZZZRP - When you click/tap on a fully upgraded button on the Upgrades menu, the button's gold border will show a shining animation. You need to trigger 4 of these shining animations in a row (they can be on the same button of different buttons) to unlock the secret. The screen will be filtered into changing shades of maroon and cyan, eventually turning back into its normal colors. A reversed message also plays, and when played backwards it says, "It's a weapon. It's really powerful. Especially against living things. PRZZZP!" This is a reference to Barry's famous line from the Resident Evil series. When written from back to front, the Secret's name translates to "PRZZZP Shiny Frame".

10. Gone Fishing - Click/tap the area near the wave textures in the bottom-left portion of the Hudson Bay (the large body of water north of Canada East). You must click/tap at least twice in quick succession. When the Secret is unlocked, an animation showing a pixelated green fish that jump out of and back into the water will play near where the water was tapped/clicked. It plays over and over if the player keeps tapping/clicking. This Secret was deactivated on Mobile for some time.

19. Tip the Scales - Click/tap at least once on all of Valerie's Tips. After completing the tutorial, you need to tap the following elements in the upper center part of the screen one by one. Each click/tap results in a tip given by Valerie. When the last tip appears, the secret is unlocked.

The following Secrets used to be unlockable in the game, but were removed in a later version and replaced with the current Secrets. Some of these still trigger animations, but none of these appear on the Secrets menu or give the player any reward.

The internet offers the modified versions of the same apps which can be downloaded at the same convenience as from the Google Play Store and provide all important advantages like unlimited shopping , unlimited lives or all the difficulty levels already unlocked.


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