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John Jackson
John Jackson

Handbook Of The Conan Universe Cbr Reader ((LINK))

This was a hotly debated issue among Star Wars fans. Superficially, one allure of the films is that they are organized numerically and logically whereas the Expanded Universe was published out of chronological sequence and occasionally contained minor contradictions and in some cases even major discrepancies, despite the best efforts of Lucas Licensing. On the other hand, the Expanded Universe provided depth to the world of Star Wars. Some readers accused the EU sources of being excessively self-referential, to an extent that misrepresents the Star Wars universe (e.g., EU minimalism, the creeping reduction of technological abilities and physical scope in EU sources). Some other fans found that the Expanded Universe convention destroyed many of the good dramatic elements of the movies by explaining things in a way they find unfavorable. These critics felt that writing a new story within the context of the EU handcuffs the author.

handbook of the conan universe cbr reader

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