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Matthew Filicia
Matthew Filicia

Troubleshooting the "You uploaded an APK that is not zip aligned" issue in Google Play Console

How to fix the error "you uploaded an apk that is not zip aligned"

If you are an Android app developer, you might have encountered this error message when trying to upload your apk file to Google Play or other app stores. This error means that your apk file is not optimized for Android devices and needs to be aligned using a tool called zipalign. In this article, we will explain what zipalign is, why it is important, how to use it, and how to verify if your apk is aligned.

What is zip align and why is it important?

Zip align is a tool that optimizes Android app files

Zipalign is a zip archive alignment tool that comes with the Android SDK. It helps ensure that all uncompressed files in the apk file are aligned relative to the start of the file. This allows the files to be accessed directly via mmap (2), which removes the need to copy this data in RAM and reduces your app's memory usage.

you uploaded an apk that is not zip aligned

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Zip align improves app performance and reduces memory usage

By using zipalign, you can improve your app's performance and reduce its memory footprint. Zipalign can also reduce the download size of your app by removing unnecessary padding bytes. Zipaligning your apk file is a simple but essential step for Android app development and distribution.

When and how to use zipalign?

Zipalign must be used before or after signing the apk depending on the tool

You must use zipalign at a specific point in the build process, depending on which app-signing tool you use. If you use apksigner (recommended), you must use zipalign before signing the apk file. If you use jarsigner (not recommended), you must use zipalign after signing the apk file. If you use Android Studio or AGP to build your app, this is done automatically for you.

Zipalign can be used with Android Studio or command line