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John Jackson
John Jackson

Buy Paul Mitchell Products Online High Quality

When you buy Paul Mitchell products online or at mass retail stores, Paul Mitchell can't guarantee they're the real deal.Diverted products are a problem in the beauty industry. Paul Mitchell advises that professional salon products sold in grocery stores, drug stores or on the internet are grey market, counterfeit or tampered with. You have no guarantee of authentic, unadulterated, undiluted product content when you purchase from online, swap meet or third party vendors.Recently Groupon has offered Paul Mitchell products at seemingly great savings. However, Groupon is not authorized by Paul Mitchell to sell Paul Mitchell products, and the adage "if it's too good to be true..." holds true here. Paul Mitchell's Freeze and Shine 8.5oz is just $10 (MSRP) in authorized salons, but is advertised by Groupon at a "51% savings" for $13.99. The misleading Groupon offer suggests a $28.35 retail price on the $10 Paul Mitchell product. Consumers are well served to check prices before throwing good money away on bad deals. Authentic Paul Mitchell products are sold in over 100,000 U.S. salons and in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) has contracts with distributors who then sell the products to professional hair salons. Somewhere along the way, the products are ending up in the hands of wholesalers. Typically, the products are sold illegally through authorized sellers or purchased on the grey market and re-sold online or through wholesalers. 041b061a72


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