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John Jackson
John Jackson

Dinner Party

Curated wines, essentials for entertaining and gifts.Let us inspire you! We offer a broad selection of wines from around the world and our expertise in helping you choose one to suit your palate. You will be proud to showcase our wines and decor at your next dinner party or bring as a gift to one you attend.

dinner party


George and Mary are delightful! They always have something fun and new and their wine club truly is the best for price and selection. The winemaker dinners are a wonderful evening out to explore new wine, food and to make some new friends!

Talking about grief and the loss of a loved one isn't typically dinner conversation. Many people, even those struggling to cope with loss, will avoid talking about such heavy topics, especially over supper.

At a recent dinner in Boston, it first seemed like any other dinner party. Everyone was putting the last-minute touches on the meal as they waited for all the guests to arrive. They talked easily, even though it was the first time they had met in person.

Work consists of 39 dinner place settings of porcelain flatware (fork, knife and spoon), porcelain chalice, and decorated porcelain plate. Each setting is laid out on a separate embroidered textile runner. Thirteen place settings are on each side (48 feet long) of a triangular table draped with a white felt cloth, with a triangular millennium runner at each of three corners. Each of the settings represents one of thirty-nine historically significant women. The table sits on a floor of 2304 porcelain triangular tiles (in 129 units) inscribed with the names of 999 significant women. The work is introduced by 6 hanging banners woven in the traditional French Aubusson tapestry technique. These banners and the work itself "express the belief and hope that once reverence for the feminine is reestablished on Earth, a balance will be restored to human existence and 'Everywhere will be Eden once again'." Adjacent to the work in the Brooklyn Museum installation hang 7 photographic reproductions of the original Heritage Panels. The accompanying 3 Acknowledgement Panels are reproduced on the Museum's website. All the elements necessary for the installation of the floor and table including 36 ceramic table leg sleeves were designed and fabricated for the work. The lighting and guard rail that came with the work are in the domain of the Design Department and have been replaced for reinstallation in a permanent space.

Mail, phone, and e-mail invites are all acceptable; the more formal the dinner, the more appropriate a written invitation, perhaps tied into the theme. Include such details as the date and time (typically 7 p.m., which allows an hour for cocktails, appetizers, and mingling), the deadline to RSVP (a week before party day), your address, and suggested attire if formal.

Arrange the furniture as you'll want it for the party, checking for the flow and removing any clutter. Designate a coffee table or side table for coffee and dessert if you wish. Figure out the lighting: Using low-wattage bulbs or candlelight will create the right mood.

Whether you're hosting the fam or gathering the girls, there's nothing like a good dinner party to kick off the weekend with. Especially one where you've gone above and beyond with starter, main and dessert plans. With everything from Classic Bruschetta to Stuffed Mushrooms, and Caprese Garlic Bread to Bloody Mary Bombs, we've got 27 insanely-delicious dinner party starters for you to drool over... You can thank us later!

All we want in life is bread and cheese and this is the perfect way to get both. It is the ultimate tear and share starter that is amazing for any party or, you know... just when you want your dose of garlic bread.

A big salmon fillet always feels like a festive main course, especially when it's cooked on a cedar grilling plank, so it picks up a whisper of smoky flavor. Kick off your seafood-themed dinner party with grilled oysters and pair the fish with a simple tomato salad.

There's nothing wrong with defaulting to chicken when you're trying to think of dinner party ideas. The key is to select a truly special chicken recipe, like this easy sweet-and-spicy braise, made with ribbons of fennel and juicy table grapes. You'll want to have a loaf of bread on the side for sopping up the sauce.

These chicken-and-mushroom burgers are worthy of a weekend hangout, but totally possible to make for a casual dinner party on a weeknight. Curry mustard is the ideal condiment, but you can use whatever mustard you have on hand.

Chicken breasts don't have to be boring. Gather friends around the grill for this extra-flavorful meal, enhanced with grilled pineapple. Marinate the chicken in advance and you have one of those perfectly summery, easy dinners that's sure to impress.

Looking for main course ideas for a vegan dinner party? This jerk tofu from Epi contributor Chrissy Tracey has it all: deeply flavorful marinated tofu, luscious grilled plantains, and a fresh mango salsa to brighten the dish. Serve with rice and peas if you like!

A combination of pistachios and chickpeas adds filling protein and rich flavor to this update on the classic tomato tart that's hearty enough to serve as a vegetarian main course at a late-summer dinner party.

Chopped olives are spread on pieces of white fish that get wrapped in chard before simmering it in a lemony, cilantro-y sauce. Your dinner party guests are worth the trouble of wrapping each serving.

While most everyone likes to get invited to a dinner party, far fewer folks offer to host them; but as we learn from the story of the Little Red Hen, if you want to eat the (literal and metaphorical) bread, you need to help make the bread.

Hosting people for dinner is a good way thwart this negative cycle and keep your social skills sharp and fresh. Do you know how to make small talk? Do you know how to listen well and ask good questions? Are you able to avoid the trap of conversational narcissism? Do you know how to keep a conversation going? Include others? Tell a good story? Even deal with guests who threaten to push things off the rails? 041b061a72


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