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[S6E5] A Resident Advisor And The Word 'Sketchy'

Missy comes home at 7pm to her parents at their bedroom; she is disgusted and goes to her own room. Sheldon had decided to sleep in the dorms and moves in. He is not happy with the amount of noise made by neighbors at night and when he comes out, he sees people in skateboarding in the hallways. He goes to the Resident Advisor and ses smoke, but no fire; the resident advisor says he will enforce the rules but does not at all because at 10pm as he is kept up.

[S6E5] A Resident Advisor and the Word 'Sketchy'


Sheldon decides to go to President Hagemeyer. He write a list of items to convince him to be a Resident Advisor, and she grants it to him. so he goes to the Resident Advisor and complains; the advisor comes out, and says he will enforce the rules. The advisor does not enforce the rules, and an annoyed Sheldon is not happy while kept up at night, so he decides to complain to President Hagemeyer; he gets the position for Resident Advisor and able to enforce rules. She only made him resident advisor to get him out of her hair and away from her.

With all of the problems at home, Sheldon decided to spend the night in his college dorm. That didn't go well; even though he was named the resident advisor, he still ended up duct taped to a wall. And that humorous subplot didn't distract viewers from the fact that Young Sheldon is slowly trudging toward its most tragic storyline: the death of Sheldon's father George.

Synopsis: At college, Sheldon decides to expand his responsibilities and become a dorm resident advisor. Also, Meemaw and Dale make a sketchy business deal and Mary and George Sr rekindle their romance.

Sheldon is spending the night in his dorm room, and the teens there are making a lot of noise, which irritates him. Sheldon complains to the resident advisor about the chaos thereafter. The advisor appears to be high himself, and while he promises to look into the matter, he does not take Sheldon seriously.

Both "Young Sheldon" and "The Big Bang Theory" have a wide variety of fans brought together weekly by laughter, comic books, and science. The diversity among viewers often leads to varying opinions but more often than not, they are united by hysterical scenes and deep pop-culture references. Season 6, Episode 5, titled "A Resident Advisor and the Word 'Sketchy,'" had fans laughing together over Sheldon's riotous escapades as a dorm resident advisor, serving as an authority figure over his older classmates.

The episode fittingly ends with resident advisor Sheldon being duct taped to the wall as a symbolic strip goes right over his mouth. While the act is sometimes a rite of passage in college misadventures, it has a different purpose here by getting the authoritarian out of the way in a silly way that fans absolutely loved.

Sheldon makes the decision to take on more responsibilities by becoming a resident advisor in the dorm where he lives while he is attending college. In other news, Meemaw and Dale strike a shady business agreement, while Mary and George Sr. reignite the flames of their love affair. 041b061a72