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여전도회 1셀

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John Jackson
John Jackson

Gay Pink Thong Pic

I stare at the panties; I'm practically mesmerized, knowing how soft smooth and satiny they feel to wear. I admit that I took these from various women I know and had access to their panty drawer, my mom, an aunt and a neighbor whose pets I took care of when she was out of town. The neighbors are the best; she's younger than my mom and Aunt and her panties are sexier than the others. I can't hold back any longer, I grab a pair of panties I "borrowed" from the neighbor, a soft pink pair of boyshorts with a little white bow in the front band. I pull them on and lay in my bed for a few minutes, rubbing against my pillow, I'm in heaven. I was tempted to masturbate right then. I was so hard in the panties; the tip of my cock was peeking out of the top of them.

gay pink thong pic

As he finishes tearing my pants off he leans back and gets a look at me as I try to grab my shorts and pull them up, my face crimson. He stops me from pulling them up and stares at me in shock. "What the? are a little faggot, I should of known." He laughs out loud. I'm mortified but for some reason my little cock pulls even tighter in the panties, thank god he didn't notice I have an erection, that would be utterly humiliating, having an erection in a pair of silky panties as a burly man handles me like a little doll, oh my! I just have to get out of here, I'll figure out these strange feelings I have for him later.

I quickly look up and make one of the greatest realizations I've ever made in my life, I am now face to cock. It fully dawns on me that I am on my knees in pink panties, with a gay lil bow on the front and My face is inches away from a muscular man's huge meat, my lil cock hardens again immediately. 041b061a72


여전도회 1셀은 매주 수요일 오전 10시에 오산영락교회 세미나실에서 셀모임을 하고 있습니다. 누구든지 여호와...


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