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Who Buys Silver Bars

Silver bars are a popular asset because they can be sold fairly quickly and will always retain a reasonable amount of value. Sell your silver bars when the market price for silver raises above the price that you originally paid for it to make money on your investment. To keep your silver valuable, keep it in a protective case or sleeve and never clean it. You can sell your silver bars to a private buyer online, or take them to a rare coin store and sell them there.

who buys silver bars

Most metropolitan areas have a pawn shop. These establishments are well-versed in buying and selling precious metals. Like a local coin dealer, you have the ability to receive instant cash for your silver bars. The disadvantage of using a pawn shop is that they usually pay less than a coin dealer.

A fourth way to get cash for your silver is by using an online precious metals dealer. Typically, there are a number of dealers to choose from. Most have reviews so that you can see how they fared with previous customers. An advantage of using an online dealer is that they are used to buying and selling large quantities of silver. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a certain amount of time for a check to be delivered back to you. Also, while you may get a good price for your silver, it will not be a private transaction as online metals dealers electronically stamp and record these type of sales.

An online auction site such as eBay is another place where you can sell your silver. They specialize in handling online commerce and have thousands of listings where customers can find silver bars, coins and other items made from precious metals. One of the disadvantages of using an online auction company is that fees are equal to as much as 10 to 13 percent of the profit. However, if you are willing to wait for just the right price, you can sometimes sell your silver at a higher value to cover that cost.

Regardless of the type of silver bar you purchase, you can rest assured that the refinery producing it uses .999 or .9999 pure silver content. Most silver bars, though not all, come with an assay card that authenticates the individual product and verifies its weight, purity, and content.

Buying silver bullion is typically most affordable when you buy silver bars. The most popular ones for sale are 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, Kilo, and 100 oz sizes. They can be minted from private mints, such as the highly recognized Sunshine Mint, to government mints like the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). Buying silver bars is a popular investment for both new and seasoned silver investors alike. Choose and buy from our silver bar inventory above.

Most silver investors turn to bars instead of coins when they are looking to acquire the most silver ounces for their money. Like silver rounds, bars rarely carry any collectible value and their price is highly dependent on the silver content within.

The primary advantage is the lower cost of silver per gram or ounce in comparison to smaller silver coins. You can buy a silver bar in large sizes of up to 100 oz, or even 5 kg (160 oz), and it would still be more affordable than a gold bullion bar, for example, because of silver's lower price.

In addition, the production costs of silver bars are lower. That results in cheaper prices per gram or ounce. Moreover, the silver market is growing due to the rising industrial demand. Thus, investing in silver bars could bring profits in the future. Finally, the market is abundant with options and a variety of sizes, the most common being 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz.

These might be among the tiniest in the category, but 1 oz silver bars are some of the most famous options for silver bullion investment. You don't need a large initial investment to get involved, you can easily store and transport them, and buying and selling them can be done very easily.

If 1 oz bars are too small, yet 10 oz is a fairly big jump for you, then you might consider the 5 oz silver bars option. They might be cheaper than the 10-ounce version, but still a fantastic investment option, and a logical next step when accumulating your precious metals wealth.

The Sunshine Mint is your game if you'd like to acquire some of the most popular choices on the 5-ounce silver bars market. They are made of .999 pure silver and come with a repeating sunburst design for added security.

If you're a serious investor, the 10 oz silver bars are a great choice to enrich your portfolio. Smaller sizes might be slightly easier to sell, but 10-ounce silver bar storage is much more convenient, especially if your intention is to stock up.

SD Bullion's 10-ounce bars come in .999+ pure quality, are appropriate for IRAs, and are great for forward-thinking investors, too. Even if you have just started, investing in a few precious 10 ounce bars can greatly boost your precious metal portfolio and potentially help you secure a more promising future.