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Massey Drt Crack: A Review of the Best Plugin for Drum Replacement

Massey DRT: A Powerful Drum Replacement Tool for Pro Tools

Massey DRT is a drum replacement plugin that works seamlessly with Pro Tools. It allows you to replace or enhance your drum tracks with high-quality samples from a variety of sources. Whether you want to fix a poorly recorded drum kit, add some punch and polish to your drums, or create a hybrid sound with acoustic and electronic elements, Massey DRT can help you achieve your sonic goals.

Massey Drt Crack

Massey DRT analyzes the transients of your drum hits and triggers samples based on the velocity and tone of each hit. You can choose from a library of built-in samples, load your own custom samples, or use samples from third-party libraries such as EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer. You can also blend the original and sampled sounds with a wet/dry control, adjust the pitch and envelope of the samples, and apply filters and EQ to fine-tune the sound.

Massey DRT is compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above, and supports both Mac and Windows platforms. It is available for $99 from Massey's website[^1^] [^2^], where you can also download a free trial version to test it out. Massey DRT is a simple yet powerful plugin that can transform your drum tracks in minutes.

How to Use Massey DRT

To use Massey DRT, you need to have Pro Tools version 7.0 or higher installed on your computer. Pro Tools 10 users may need to follow some workarounds due to some bugs in the software[^1^]. You also need to have an audio drum track that you want to replace or enhance with samples.

Once you have installed Massey DRT, you can find it in the AudioSuite menu of Pro Tools. Select an audio drum track region in Pro Tools and click on the ANALYZE button in Massey DRT. The plugin will detect the transients of your drum hits and display them as yellow lines in the waveform view. You can adjust the loudness and sensitivity sliders to filter out unwanted hits or include quieter hits. You can also manually add, delete, or modify the triggers by clicking on the waveform.

After you have set up the triggers, you can choose a sample source from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the plugin window. You can use the built-in samples, load your own samples, or use samples from other libraries such as EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer. You can also load different samples for different velocity ranges by clicking on the velocity map button. You can preview the sound by clicking on the play button.

When you are happy with the sound, you can export it in different ways. You can drag and drop a MIDI file to a Pro Tools MIDI track, timeline, or region bin. You can also click and release to generate a MIDI file that will be revealed in your file explorer. You can use this MIDI file to trigger any virtual instrument or sampler plugin that you want. Alternatively, you can render or process an audio file with clicks at every visible trigger if no samples are loaded. This can be useful for triggering real-time drum plugins. Finally, you can print an audio region with your own samples by loading them into Massey DRT and clicking on render or process.

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