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John Jackson
John Jackson

Batman And The Mad Monk 2 Cbr

Later Ed is seen at work, talking to Penguin on his cell phone about a plugged toilet, quickly hanging up as Leslie comes to Ed with files on the dead monk. Nygma's cell phone starts ringing, to which Leslie inquires if that's Kristen calling Ed, when it's really Oswald. Ed quickly fabricates a lie that he was talking to his plumber and proceeds to tell another lie that Kringle had left town with Officer Dougherty. He then breaks down in tears to cross off her suspicions. Once Leslie leaves, he answers Oswald's call, realizing Oswald was just calling to ask where the spicy mustard is in Ed's fridge, ending up finding it himself and ending the call.[28]

Batman And The Mad Monk 2 Cbr

Hola, muchas gracias por tu trabajo, queria preguntarte una cosa, es que creo que los sucesos de batman y los hombres monstruo va antes de year 2 ya que en en este ultimo Gordon ya es el comisario y en Batman y los hombres monstruo aun no, tal vez me equivoque


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