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John Jackson
John Jackson

[S5E8] The Playbook

Barney's next move is a play called "he's not coming", where he seduces vulnerable girls at the top of the Empire State Building. One of the girls Barney picks up, however, is an actress friend of Lily's, and she steals the playbook when in Barney's apartment. Lily reveals the ploy to Barney and threatens to post the playbook on the Internet if he does not stop using it. Barney shows up at the apartment in a scuba suit, saying he has one last play, "The Scuba Diver". While preparing to post the playbook, Marshall is bamboozled as "The Scuba Diver" is not in the playbook, having been torn away by Barney. They go down to the bar, where Barney sits in a booth, planning to seduce Claire, the blonde by the bar.

[S5E8] The Playbook


As they conclude the story there with Claire, they ask Barney what "The Scuba Diver" is, and he breaks down, saying his breakup with Robin was hurting him more than he thought, and this was how he coped. Touched, the gang convinces Claire to go out with Barney for a cup of coffee. After they leave, the gang gets a text message from Barney and finds the description of the "Scuba Diver" under their table at MacLaren's. It was actually an elaborate con; involving Lily's disgust at the playbook, revealing Barney's tricks to Claire, Barney's fake breakdown over his breakup, and his friends encouraging the prey to go with Barney.

Joan: "We missed you at Megan's lunch. I guess you have some extra work?"Peggy: "No. I told her I'd rather go to my own lunch with her."Joan: "I'm not gonna lie, I did not see it coming. I thought she would fail here."Peggy: "I feel bad, I think maybe I was harder on her, scared her away."Joan: "Second wives, I think they have a playbook."Peggy: "I don't think she's like that."Joan: "Peggy, she's going to be a failing actress, with a rich husband."Peggy: "No, I think she's good at everything. I think she's just one of those girls."Joan: "Then you had every right to be hard on her. Did you know he met Betty Draper during a print ad? Did you know she was a model? That's the kind of girl Don marries. Goodnight." 041b061a72


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