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Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson

Titani 3x5

Ti-6Al4V is the most widely used titanium alloy in the motorsport and aerospace market. This alloy contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Is an excellent combination of endurance to efforts and toughness, with extra resistance to corrosion.

Titani 3x5

These clip blanks are for the knife guy that just wants a couple small pieces of titanium to pimp their knife or replace their stainless (weaker clip) with stronger Titanium. These titanium pocket clips have been water jet cut. We grind off the tabs left by the water jet cutting process and then tumble them in a ceramic abrasive for de-burring and to give them a satin stone wash finish. You certainly can take them to a different finish if you prefer. NOTE: There are two pieces pictured for clarity of illustration. You are ordering by singles. Bending Ti Clips: You can bend these cold up to 45 degrees with no problem. Simply take a couple of large pliers and bend away or put them in a vise and gently tap them over to the bend you want. If you bend them back again or more than once in that same spot with out heat, you will probably snap the metal. If you have a torch, by all means use it to heat these before bending to relieve any stress bending cold will put on these parts. If you want to bend these clips further than 45 degrees, simply heat them up with a small propane or MAPP gas hand held torch and bend away. If you don't have a torch, you can also use an electric stove coil. Heat the bend area to cherry red hot color, (quickly as the heat dissipates fast!) and make your bend. Hold the piece until it cools to the bend takes and holds. It only takes a few seconds. You should expect some heat oxidation coloring on the surface. This can easily be buffed away. Keep in mind your pliars will act as a very large heat sink and pull heat way. Ti doesn't mind heat as much as other steels. If you mess up a bend, heat it and bend it again. 041b061a72


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