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Resolution by Andy Timmons: The Complete Guitar Transcription and Video Lessons

Andy Timmons Songbook Resolution PDF: A Guide for Guitar Lovers

If you are a fan of guitar music, especially instrumental rock, you might have heard of Andy Timmons, one of the most talented and versatile guitarists in the world. He has released several albums as a solo artist and as a member of various bands, such as Danger Danger, Pawn Kings, and Andy Timmons Band. One of his most acclaimed albums is Resolution, released in 2006, which showcases his amazing skills and creativity on the guitar.

(2011) andy timmons songbook resolution pdf

In this article, we will introduce you to Andy Timmons, his musical style, and his album Resolution. We will also tell you how to get the songbook that contains all the transcriptions of the songs from Resolution, as well as some tips and tricks for learning them. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will find something useful and inspiring in this guide.

Who is Andy Timmons and what is his musical style?

Andy Timmons was born in 1963 in Evansville, Indiana. He started playing guitar at the age of five and was influenced by various genres of music, such as rock, blues, jazz, pop, country, and classical. He studied music at the University of Miami and moved to Texas in 1988, where he joined the glam metal band Danger Danger. He recorded three albums with them and toured with artists like Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Extreme.

In 1994, he left Danger Danger and started his solo career. He released his first solo album Ear X-Tacy in 1995, which was followed by several others, such as That Was Then, This Is Now (2002), Resolution (2006), Theme from a Perfect World (2016), and The World Is Getting Smaller (2020). He also formed his own band called Andy Timmons Band (ATB), which consists of Mike Daane on bass and Mitch Marine on drums.

Andy Timmons is known for his melodic and expressive playing style, which combines elements of rock, blues, jazz, fusion, metal, pop, and classical music. He uses various techniques, such as alternate picking, legato, tapping, sweeping, bending, vibrato, harmonics, whammy bar effects, and more. He can play both rhythm and lead parts with ease and versatility. He also has a distinctive tone that he achieves by using different guitars (mainly Ibanez), amps (mainly Mesa Boogie), pedals (mainly Xotic), and picks (mainly Dunlop Jazz III).

What is Resolution and why is it a masterpiece of instrumental rock?

Resolution is the fourth solo album by Andy Timmons, released in 2006 by Favored Nations. It is an instrumental rock album that consists of 11 tracks (plus one hidden track) that showcase Andy's musical vision and virtuosity. The album was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs and editing. The songs range from hard rock to ballads to blues to funk to metal.

The album received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. It was praised for its musical diversity, emotional depth, technical brilliance, and artistic integrity. Some of the highlights of the album are: