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Buy Custom Computer Online

The amount of RAM your computer needs depends on what you plan on using it for. At a minimum we would recommend no less than 8GB of RAM, but if you are only using your PC for simple daily tasks, like web browsing, you might be able to get away with as little as 4GB. If you are gaming then 16GB is going to be the minimum and if you are streaming or video editing then 32GB is recommended. For more information on this, read our RAM buying guide on Newegg Insider.

buy custom computer online


PC building is no more difficult than completing a Lego set or building a piece of furniture given you have compatible components. There are so many amazing guides available on online on platforms like YouTube that will take you step by step through the pc builing process. We also recommend joining a PC community like the Newegg Discord that can help you answer questions as they may come up. For informaiton on this topics, we recommend you review our PC building guide and are familiar with the step-by-step process.

The CPU or processor translates instructions entered into the computer into executable actions your computer understands. What does that mean in practical terms? It means that when you enter a command into a program, be it via mouse click, button push, or typed phrase, the CPU takes that command and converts it into language that the other components recognize and to which they respond.

There are two dominant manufacturers of the x86 processors used in desktop computing. One of the first choices you will make in picking your computer parts is whether your system will use an Intel processor or an AMD processor.

Your computer case not only provides a framework upon which to attach your motherboard and other components but, along with integrated fans, also ensures proper airflow over your internal parts. When airflow is set up correctly, it pulls heat away from sensitive electronics and out of the case.

The SSD is a fast and efficient way to store and access games, apps, files, and more on your computer. SSD stands for solid-state drive, meaning it has no moving parts, which in turn offers less wear and tear, as well as faster access to your stuff.

When you start from scratch, you get to customize literally everything inside and out, starting with the hardware. Select your CPU, motherboard, RAM, video card, SSD, power supply, hard drive, optical drive, PC case, cables, adapters, peripherals, and more.

Building a customized personal computer can be quite nerve-wracking, especially for beginners. Luckily, there's help available on the internet. If you want to generate ideas for your next rig, here are the eight best custom PC builder websites that can help you navigate all the clutter.

Known for its wide selection of components, CyberPowerPC is one of the best custom PC builder sites for pricing. Here you can build a base gaming desktop for as low as $769. The site also offers financing options via Affirm.

Additionally, you can find custom-built gaming rigs intended for more hardcore gamers. CyberPowerPC also provides a wide variety of services ranging from professional cable management to elaborate water-cooling solutions, along with the already extensive list of component options.

iBuyPower is one of the best custom PC builders geared toward veteran gamers. Established in 1999, the company offers a daunting selection of components that might be confusing for beginner PC builders. However, it can be a haven for those who have done their research or have PC-building experience.

In terms of pricing, iBuyPower is within the Goldilocks zone and has gaming systems under $1,000. It also offers services such as water-cooling, essential cable management, overclocking, and custom engraving. iBuyPower's website also features an Easy Builder tool, which simplifies the PC building process.

If you're confused about making a decision, do read if it is still cheaper to build your own PC. And while you're at it, this guide comparing custom-built PCs and pre-built PCs will also be helpful for you.

If you are outside the United States, consider Digital Storm's custom-built PC range. One of the few custom PC companies that ship internationally, the firm was founded in 2002 and sells custom workstations, laptops, and desktops for professional and gaming use.

The company also offers some of the cheapest base gaming desktops and is also known for quality custom PC builds that focus on matched components working well together. Xidax's online catalog is also well presented, ranging from the least powerful X-2 to the overpowering X-10 models.

Compared to the other best custom builder websites on our list, BLD is relatively new. The brand is a subsidiary of NZXT, a popular PC peripherals and hardware manufacturer. It also has one of the most comprehensive PC customizations that newbies and veteran PC builders can quickly appreciate.

Origin PC is one of the biggest names in the PC builder market, having been founded in 2009 and consistently providing excellent service. This company offers both custom desktops and laptops, targeting gamers, professionals, and anyone in between. Of course, though, gaming is Origin's main focus.

This PC building company has a large range of options for each user, from tiny mITX PCs to much larger workstation machines, and they all come inside custom-designed Origin cases. This ensures that every configuration on offer has been tested to ensure that the parts are compatible.

One of the key benefits of Origin PC is stock availability. Unlike many other custom PC builders, Origin has maintained a stock of graphics cards consistently over the last couple of years. This certainly makes up for the long six-day-plus wait time you will need to go through.

Unlike many other custom PC-building companies, Singularity Computers was originally one man's hobby, but the firm has grown rapidly since finding fame on YouTube. And this makes sense: no other PC building company does it like Singularity.

Unfortunately, Singularity comes with a downside for those who want a custom-made PC delivered to their door: you have to get in contact to make an order for a whole PC. This makes the service less convenient than others, but it provides you with the means to take your PC building to the next level with custom parts.

AVADirect has long been widely considered to be one of the best PC-building sites on the web. As a giant in the market, this company is able to offer great value custom PCs that require little effort from the end-user with its intelligent PC building system.

You need only provide your budget, the games you want to play, the size you would like for your machine, and the brands you are happy to use, and you will be presented with a long list of machines that will be able to achieve what you are looking for. Once you pick a computer that looks right for you, you can customize it further to make sure that you have exactly the right setup.

In terms of affordable custom PC options, iBuyPower is the main competitor to CyberPowerPC. They have gaming desktops that start as low as $899 and they offer financing options through Affirm as well, so monthly payments are an option.

iBuyPower was founded in 1999 and they currently offer a range of custom desktops and laptops that can be configured to meet your own specific needs. And, also like CyberPowerPC, iBuyPower sells pre-built systems on Amazon for as low as $549.

Xidax is not quite as well-known as companies like Origin PC, MainGear, CyberPowerPC, and iBuyPower, but they might actually be the best option among custom PC builders. For starters, their custom PCs start out at $565, which is the lowest pricing option on this list. They also offer higher-end desktop, workstation, and laptop options for gaming or professional use.

Through their customization options, and of Xidax desktops can be upgraded to have better core hardware, as well as customization options like RGB lighting, CPU & GPU overclocking, CPU delidding, engraving, faster shipping, etc. Xidax also offers financing through Affirm, so you can make monthly payments on their systems, too.

NZXT is a very popular name in PC hardware and peripherals and so they deserve recognition in their latest venture into custom-built PCs. Because they have had success and earned a solid reputation in the PC hardware industry, you should expect a quality experience in their custom PCs as well.

Unlike some of the other custom PC builders that offer different pre-configured builds (that can be reconfigured to your liking), BLD asks you to go through a step-by-step questionnaire to help you find the best system for your needs and budget. You choose the main game you want to play, how much you want to spend, and whether or not you want an Intel or AMD-based system.

MainGear has been building custom computers for over 15 years now. Founded back in 2002, MainGear has a decent selection of computers, laptops, and workstations that can be used for gaming or for professional use.

Perhaps no custom PC builder website offers a wider range of base models and configuration options than CyberPowerPC does. CyberPowerPC was founded all the way back in 1998 and they sell both custom PCs and custom laptops.

They also have the lowest starting prices among the other options on this list, with gaming desktops starting at $769 and gaming laptops starting at $799. However, you can find even less expensive options from CyberPowerPC directly on Amazon, with options as low as $499. And, their $779 gaming computer listed on Amazon is such a good value that it even rivals the kind of performance you could get if you built your own system for $700-$800.

Falcon Northwest has desktop options starting at $2,200 and laptop options starting at $2,500. All of their systems come with a standard 3-year warranty and offer customization options on the hardware and on the aesthetics (custom painted cases),

AVADirect might have the most robust catalog of among all of the options on this list. From high-end gaming desktops, to custom-built gaming laptops, to workstations, to mini-PC builds, to even extreme tablets, AVA Direct has a ton of different system options and configurations to choose between. 041b061a72


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