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여전도회 1셀

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John Jackson
John Jackson

[S5E8] Thank You

Kitty: ( Coming down the stairs. ) Eric? Eric? Honey, could you get the thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? ( She turns to go back upstairs but turns around after a second. ) Oh, wait, it's a 20-pounder. Donna? Could you get the thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer? ( She turns and runs back up the stairs. )

[S5E8] Thank You

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Kitty: And, Mom, I know that we have had our ups and downs, but in honor of this special Day, I would like to tell you that I am thankful that you are my mother, and I love you. ( Bea nods and smiles and doesn't say anything. ) Isn't there something you would like to tell me?

Kelso: Huh. Nice try, Laurie! There's no recess today! It's thanksgiving! ( Hyde leaves Jackie on the stairs and walks over to join Kelso as he falls over the back of the couch to sit on it. ) Wow. Laurie. Yeah, me and her really had something, huh?

Jackie: Hey, you and Kelso didn't Date. You're just a tramp he cheated with, and you contaminated him so much I ended up with Steven, who I love being with. ( She thinks about it. ) So thank you.

Donna: Wow, I'm the only one here who's never been with Kelso, which makes me wanna say "ew!" and also "thank God." But you, I mean, you're a teacher. Can't you get in trouble for dating a student?

Greetings Felicia!!! Thank you for stopping by all the way from South Africa!!! WOW!!! What a thorough comment, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my recaps and provide feedback!!! I sincerely appreciate it ?

Hey you! Loved your recap. Since this aired, my husband passed, so I am just now feeling better and wanted to view your recap. I have love this show from the beginning and thanks to you, have been able to better undestand what was going on in each episode. Still some loose ends for me like, what really happened to Basie, who robbed the pharmacy and was killed, what was his purpose. Maybe we will never know, but it was a wonderful show and I got to meet you virtually! Take care and I hope to see more blogs with the spinoff!

The situation seemed to be looking up for Jorah to be readmitted to the friend zone thanks to the well-spoken Tyrion. But in the apparent pursuit of gaining her trust and proving that heeding his advice would be in her best interest, Tyrion eventually states that Jorah should not be by her side.

"My Big Bird" is the eighth episode of Scrubs' fifth season. Turk and J.D. try to get a thank you out of Mr. Sutton (Jason Bateman) who's life was saved by J.D.. Carla convinces people to all put in money for joint lottery tickets while Elliot accidentally kisses a man thinking he was single, but is then chased around the hospital by his wife.

J.D. is proud to have saved a patient, Mr. Sutton. After escorting Sutton out of the hospital J.D. hoped he would be thanked but wasn't. This nagging feeling distracts J.D. from another patient; Mr. Foster, who comes to the hospital complaining of coughing and shortness of breath. Dr. Cox believes its a simple case of pertussis as Foster mentions he has recently been on a trip to India and Foster's radiology scans are clear, but J.D. has him stay for more tests. Foster dies and Dr. Kelso calls for a Morbidity and Mortality conference to discover how Foster died and to blame the doctor who screwed up. J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla, are in the focus of the interrogation and each go through the sequence of events that led to Foster's death in reverse.

J.D. and a reluctant Turk go to Mr. Sutton's house in an effort to get a thank-you. After narrowly escaping Sutton's pet ostriches, Turk leaves for the hospital without J.D. and J.D. asks again for Sutton to thank him, but he still refuses as J.D. was only doing his job. As a garbage man, Sutton is never thanked for doing his job and believes no-one deserves that courtesy from him. J.D. is left realizing how under-appreciated people really feel.

The doctors and interns remember how Foster died. The intern team tried several methods to save Mr. Foster when he began crashing, but Foster slowly died. Being the on-call surgeon, Turk was paged, (by Keith after Carla told him to page him) when Foster's health began to fail, but was stuck in traffic. J.D. was busy waiting for his garbage man to show up to collect his trash so he could thank him (because Mr. Sutton was a garbageman and asked J.D. "How often do you think I get thanked?") and Carla (along with Ted, Janitor, and all of the other nurses) was busy watching the lottery. Elliot (who was supposed to cover for J.D.) was gagged, and taped to a wall outside the hospital entrance by Millie with a sign saying "HI! I'M A WHORE!!!".

Billions, thanks to its subject matter, typically shows us a world in which assholes do anything for power. And while it is good to be king, I appreciate the show acknowledging a number of alternative life styles and choices.

Personally, I doubt Maddie would have made it through an open casting for the original Sia video. Maddie is a good dancer but there are others out there that are significantly better and would have beat her out in an open casting. Kendall and MackZ music careers are thanks to the show and Collins Prod. 041b061a72


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